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Rental - Tours

We have put together three great tour options to fit your
preferences.  These have been tailored to fit different time
constraints and specific interests.  If you’d be interested in a
custom tour package, please let us know and we will work
with you to design the perfect tour experience!

Tour Highlights

See areas of the Theatre

not commonly open to
the public

Experience our narrated
presentation featuring rare historical photos

Learn about the Theatre’s
founder and architect


Gain insight into the future
plans for Indiana Theatre

Option 1

Duration: 20-30 min.         
Cost: $5/person

Guided walking tour of the
rotunda, lobby, and auditorium
public areas, which will include
narration regarding the special
architectural design features
of the Indiana Theatre and
condensed overview of its
history since its Grand Opening
on January 28, 1922.

Option 2

Duration: 45-60 min.         
Cost: $10/person

Guided walking tour of the rotunda, lobby and auditorium public areas, plus a narrated 30 video presentation in the auditorium which provides a more in depth overview of the Theatre’s history since its Grand Opening through the present day. 

Option 3

Duration: 75-90 min.         
Cost: $15/person

Includes all of the items noted in Tour Options 1 and 2, plus an additional guided backstage tour to view items such as the original light board system and stage rigging, along with a tour of the original vaudeville dressing rooms below the stage.  We can also include a tour of the second floor dressing rooms.  Climbing some stairs will be necessary.

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