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With a keen appreciation for the Theatre’s remarkable architecture and history, we have added a few key features to keep the Indiana Theatre a relevant and vibrant symbol of Terre Haute’s resurgent future.



  • Table Seating: 200

  • Portable Seating for Ceremonies or Presentations: 300


Auditorium - Theatre Seating

  • Balcony Theatre Seating: 508

  • Mezzanine Theatre Seating: 473

  • Loges (Box Theatre Seating): 84

  • Terrace: Flexible capacity reserved for accessible seating*

  • Orchestra Theatre Seating: 228

  • Total capacity: 1,298

*For stage-based events (concerts, comedy shows, etc) our Terrace area is strictly reserved for accessible seating.

Auditorium - Table Seating

  • 160


  • Height from Orchestra deck: 3.5′

  • Proscenium opening: 54′ wide, 40′ high, 33′ deep (apron to back wall)

  • Stage width: 88′ wing to wing

  • Height to grid: 70′

  • Wing areas: Stage left 10′,  Stage right 24′

  • Organ pit: 13′ wide, 6′ deep, 6′ below railing

  • Main curtain: Traveler

  • Movie screen: 54′ wide, 33′ high

  • Original 1922 hand-painted fire curtain

Below the stage, a basement is equipped with a green room and two restrooms. Also four dressing rooms for star actors and actresses are situated above the stage.


A 35mm projector system is operational; and we plan to utilize it for future events such as nostalgic special art film showings. But we also have added digital projection for HD, DVD and Blue-Ray content. Computers can be hooked up to the system for audio/video playback including music and video as well as a variety of presentations.

The Indiana Theatre boasts one of the largest movie screens in Indiana, at 54 feet which is second only to IMAX screens in Indianapolis.


1,800 watt PA system with 16-channel board, CD-player input, auxiliary input, and expansive ports for wireless and wired microphones microphones.

Atmospheric Lighting

Five sections of LED lighting have been added to the auditorium walls, balconies, and parapets. These lights can be adjusted to any color to fit your event. Lighting effects include strobing and  music synchronization.

*Seating capabilities listed are for general information.  These may change slightly depending on specific event set ups.  Extra tables and chairs may need to be rented to reach full capacities.

**Usage of the Theatre’s equipment is subject to pre-approved event applications and any additional equipment may be supplied by the event promoter if it is not available through the Indiana Theatre, or pre-approved vendors.

About - Theatre Capabilities

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